BSB provide a complete, competitive package covering structural steel fabrication and on-site construction to ensure your project is delivered to an agreed programme and budget.

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Our main office is at Flemington Court in Motherwell, where many hours are spent by many people! Our team is made up of a great bunch of like-minded people that have huge commitment to the work we do in our industry.

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Why Should You Choose BSB Structural?

As a specialist across construction, design, fabrication & painting we are very well placed to ensure that you get everything you need. We have worked for many years towards ensuring the we can provide a complete one-stop-shop when it comes to structural engineering in the United Kingdom.

Industry Accreditation Certificates

Further than our industry recognition, excellent service and meticulous account handling we also retain accreditation from the following recognised industry bodies (click the organisation name to view a digital copy of our certificate):

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